How to Install a Drain Stopper in Your Bathtub

The drain stopper in the bathtub serves an important function in maintaining proper hygiene of most Canadians. If you are the type of person who exclusively takes showers to clean your body, there’s a chance you may not even own a drain plug. But if you like taking a relaxing bath, the drain plug proves more useful than your favorite rubber ducky. Keep reading to learn tips fromĀ on how you can install a drain stopperĀ in case yours doesn’t work or has gone missing.

DIY Bathroom Plumbing Repair

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Useful Tips for Hooking Up Your New Washing Machine

Buying a new washing machine may put a bit of dent in your pocket, but it proves to be a worthwhile investment. A brand new model ensures that you get the best possible performance and most efficient use of resources. But before you can enjoy your new appliance, you must first hook it up to water source. The good news is that hooking up your washing machine can be a very simple process, something that can be done with the help of an experienced plumber.

Be Your Own Plumber

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Plumbing Leaks Add Up Over Time

The slow drip of water is a sound that no one wants to hear, especially when it is coming from inside your house. When a plumbing leaks crops up, it is important to deal with it as soon as possible (see Small leaks can lead to big bills, as many families find themselves paying around $100 a year for water that they never use. The information in this piece will critically examine all the water that is wasted in the United States and what can be done about the problem.

Water Usage

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Prepare for Winter Storms to Keep Warm

When it comes to harsh weather, winter storms are normal for many areas of Canada. Before a big storm hits, make sure to take the time to start putting together your winter storm safety plan (, to ensure that you are prepared for bad weather.

Your very own home is usually the safest place to seek shelter from harsh winter storms, especially since it can be very treacherous and dangerous to travel. With harsh, frigid winds whipping around outdoors, it makes it even more important to ensure that the comfort systems within your home are ready and prepared … continue